Clinical Naturopath – Herbal and Nutritional Medicine


Thank you for visiting my web page.  My Toowong clinic is now almost complete and I will be open for practice in October. All my existing patients, I will send out an email soon, when the booking software is up and running.

The aim of this web page is to provide you with information about my clinic, myself, the conditions I work with and the methods I use to go about my practice.

My down-to-earth approach to health care looks into why you might be mal-adapting to life and what is required to restore optimal health and balance.  

I love the science, the clinicial trials and the biochemestry however, I will continue to support the age-old philosophy of identifying the underlying cause of illness, using the body's own strengths to restore health and vitality.

It is with my best intention that you find this an interesting and informative read. Please note this information is for general education purposes only and may require modification to suit your specific health needs.